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Donate & Buy to Help Out

From the outset we explored all options for raising funds to support projects in Malawi. In the early days we held coffee mornings, asked people to fundraise by undertaking events such as marathons and hosted quizzes.

This raised significant amounts of money and we began collecting donations from family and friends. We soon had a sizeable amount of donations gathered and this led us to begin attending boot sales around the country.

Last year we began online sales which we found to be very very lucrative. We began operating on eBay as well as marketplace on Facebook. We then set up our own Facebook page which attracted new donors and in turn new donations.

We then agreed to open a shop thus allowing customers to walk in off the street and purchase donations. We recently opened our new permanent premises located at:

9 Clantilew Road, Portadown Co Armagh
BT62 1RE

From here we plan to grow the business and our aim is to maximise income to support the projects in Malawi. We also collect and process clothes which we sort in a variety of ways.

The very best of clothes get sold individually or line. The next best clothes are sold in the shop and the overflow are processed through cash for clothes.

We aim to get back to the full range of fundraising activities as soon as is possible. We also have a number of sponsors who make a monthly donation to the projects, all of which goes directly towards paying the wages of workers in Malawi

For all donations that you would like to make please click the donate button at the bottom of this page. This will bring you to PayPal where donations can be sent to @TheMalawiProjects. 


As always any donations are welcome and you have our upmost thanks!

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