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Results of the Dungannon Street Collection

We had an amazing day yesterday and the grand total for the Dungannon street collection is an whopping, £1,553.17.

We also had the following in the buckets , 1 nectar, McMillan and pink heart token, a screw, 1 plastic Lid

l counter, 1 washer, 1 apple stem and1 Barry’s amusement token Take a well deserved bow volunteers and donors alike.

As you know this money will go directly to supporting projects in Malawi. We pay the wages of 30 Malawian workers who save lives, provide medical care in outreach programmes, teach people how to farm as well as adult education classes. Not forgetting the ongoing support we give to 34 wonderful young women in an orphanage in Lilongwe.

Without your continued support and that of others we could not achieve this. Thank you for the ongoing support and we look forward to more on the future

#savinglives #providingadultclasses #ahandupnotahandout #togetherwecan #makingadifference #thinkofthebabies

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