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Sustainable Farming

We wanted to update you on the continuing work in Malawi despite the worldwide pandemic. As you might know we provide interest free loans to persons to help them start up their own farm.

We pay the salary of a teaching farmer who helps purchase land, seeds and tools and works with people for the first year ensuring the crops are successful.

Seeds are in the ground and as you can see the crops are growing well. Here are some of this years beneficiaries and we will be sharing their progress with you throughout the year.

1.Maritina jonasi

2. Dorphy Banda

3 .Lydia Chibwe

4. Mtithelanji Chithonje

5.Rodrick Malenga

Without your continuing support none of this would be possible so thank you. Of course we always need to raise money in order to pay the wages of 30 Malawian workers who in turn support others to help themselves.

If you think you might be able to help please get in touch and we can discuss that with you. If you could visit our new Facebook page

Malawi Shop

and like comment and share that would be much appreciated.

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Schools for the next Generation. 

Because of you and many others people in Malawi are being given a hand up. For the last few years we have been paying the wages of workers in Malawi, one of them is the teacher who trains people how to develop their own farm.

Training sustainable farm beneficiaries for this growing season in the village of Chalsasa started this week.


As you will know because you helped fund it, we support families as part of the sustainable farming programme. In the first year many families struggle to get food especially during the famine season from November to March.


In order to lend them some support we have provided famine relief to 11 families. This will ensure they are fed until they are able to harvest their own crops later this year.


Setting up medical aid

Patients queuing at Chatata medical outreach on Friday past. Last month the mobile outreach saw a huge rise in positive Malaria tests and thanks to you we were able to give life saving treatments .

The ongoing support you and others provide cannot be underestimated. We are extremely grateful for your generosity thank you

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